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Birth of Hanse

While working in the travel and tourism industry, I have got many opportunities to travel parts of the world. Not to mention that I am an enthusiastic traveler, so I have already travelled half the world. In all of my journeys, I have lived in different star-ratings hotels, inns and stylish hostels. However, out of all the choices, hostel would be my favourite.

What is good about hostel? Hostels consist of more characteristic and more caring feeling than star-rating hotels. I get to interact with the hostel staffs like friends, and know more about authentic localize travel experience.

I have checked into different type and style hostels in all around the world. I have realized that there is a huge quality difference in hostels. The common case I have seen so far is that most display pictures on the internet look amazing, but in reality, just a bed, a table and a few chairs to fill the room. I and my friends always joke about this is just “lodging” but not “hostel”. However, there are many memorable hostels that I can still think of. I personally care about room designs and feelings, and I have even revisited some hostels because of that.

In the past, I have always day-dream and think that “If I could have a chance to design a hostel, what kind of feeling should I bring to my guests?” And I have always heard, hostel should give people a feeling of being home. I strongly agree with this idea too. This is also what I dream about hostel, but I believe that we should put the word “dream” in front of the word “house”. We always dream of a house wanting to own, dream of possible designs that can bring into the house; however, when these dreams bring to the reality, with respect to the objective perspective, most dreams can hardly be achieve.

Therefore, I have a thought that goes beyond my imagination, is to bring the “dream house” into reality. So, I have started to gather many of my friends’ ideas about their “dream house”, and of course including my very own idea. I strongly insist in creating the “hostel” concept, but refuse to create the “lodging” idea. Also, I do not wish this turns out to be like most other Korea hostels, renting out the short-term contract rooms, equipped with almost the same decorations, and telling others this brings you the “home” feeling. “Hanse” ~ is what brings and “dream house” into reality.

Welcome to “Hanse”, a different hostel experience.

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