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About pricing - Design

The pricing concept of hostels and hotels is basically the same, which the price will adjust according to different factors. So, we have tried our best to shift all the affected pricing factors onto room size and located area.

It is because we believe that if we pay all effort on design and caring service, we can show and deliver our sincere and concept that guests would understand. A gorgeous high-end design and decoration expenses may give you a five-star hotel-like feeling, but a dream house could be carried out with a clever and diligent design concept with a reasonable budget.

Although I do not consider myself as a professional designer, though my first intention in creating “Hanse” is trying to achieve me and my friend’s dream house. Even though each room cannot be called as an excellent craft workmanship, but I hope you can feel our sincerity and effort when you first see our rooms.

I understand everyone has their own perspective in taste. Therefore, I have use a wide range of bold design in order to satisfy each and every customer’s needs and dreams. We welcome you to “Hanse” sincerely.

Feel a different hostel experience.

Hanse Designer HCT

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