Our rental wifi egg supports 4G network, and high speed network connection. Compare to the rental service from the airport, we 

provide with an absolute comparable price of 6,000-8,000won/day.

As the quantity of the wifi-egg is limited, it may all rent out as you arrived at the airport. Also, you may bare a chance of long line-ups while 

renting and returning the wifi-egg. If you choose Starway Travel’s service, you will not have to worry any of the above problems.

Service charges:

HK$ 36 / NT140 /day (5000won), deposit HK$ 700/NT2500

The 24 hours stand-by pick-up services are ranging from 2 to 45 seated vehicles. Professional licensed drivers and high quality equipped vehicles make up as our professional team. Regardless of tourists just landed from a mid-night flight, family with the aged and the young, or even a large scale self-planned tour, we can provide services upon your needs.



In order for our guests to enjoy a comforting trip, we will use the luxury tour bus which has more spacious seats. Also, Starway Travel wishes our 

guests to sit more comfortably that we have set a limited passengers capacity. (Exclude 1 Chinese speaking tour guide and 1 Korean driver):

- 11 seated vehicle (7 passengers)

- 25 seated vehicle (15 passengers)

- 45 seated vehicle (40 passengers)

Drop-off location: Myeong-dong or Hongdae

Most tickets require reservation, there is a high chance of sold out as you arrive at the door. However, if you purchase the tickets thru Starway Travel, you can enjoy a discounted price.

Hongdae 3D Trick-Eye Museum
The Trickeye Museum is a a famous tourist site that it has attracted over 500,000 tourists each year. You can make funny poses in front of the photographs. Visitors will definitely want to take their cameras and be ready to put on their creativity hats.

Insadong 4D Trick-Eye Museum
Trick Eye (Alive 4D Museum) uses the art technique which turns 2-dimensional paintings into four-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. With the use of multiple high technology technique, visitors can fully enjoy taking photos and interacting with all art exhibits.

"You who came from the stars"
The Korean drama "You who came from the stars" does not only show popularity in Korea, but all around Asia. This show exhibits at Ilsan KINTEX. This show does not only show homes of Cheon Jong-I and Do min-jun, but the props and costumes that they have worn in the drama.

Go Guan Korean traditional dress studio
“Go Guan” located in the most traditional Korean culture tourist site, Insadong. You not only can take photos with different backgrounds with your own camera, but also the friendly staffs are more welcome to help you. There are many different styles and types of Hanok you can choose from.

 Myeongdong Haunted House
Recently there is a place called “Scary Era” located in Myeongdong. If shopping seems boring to you, then this relaxing and exciting place must 

definitely suit you.

N Seoul Tower (4D Tricky-Eye Museum + Observation Tower)
The N Seoul Tower, which is a symbol of Seoul now, was established at the highest point to glance at the most beautiful images of Seoul. It is 

also Korea’s first general radio wave tower from 1969, delivering TV and radio broadcasting in the metropolitan area.

Everland is located in Gyeong-gi do Yong-in city. It is the largest theme park in Korea since 1976. It does not only have exciting rides, but also pleasant and cheerful entertainment programs, zoo and safari paradise.

Nanta Show
This now world famou nonverbal performance 8,100,000 people the largest audidents in Korea history. Since the first performance in 1997, it has been on the road of success around the world. 

Music Show Wedding
The nonverbal performance combines musical instruments and dance like bass guitar, Latin dance, blues, and more to produce a creative music show. This show is produced by the “NANTA Show” producer.

Jump Show
This innovative show incorporates many of Asia’s martial arts, including Korea’s Taekwondo and Taekkyeon, as it tells the story of a family of martial arts specialists who have to defend their house from robbers. 

Hologram Musical - School Oz
The first hologram musical launched by SM Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment labels in Korea. The 110-minute hologram musical will feature songs by SME artists as well as otherworldly characters for a family friendly show. 

Drawing Show
A product of genius, artistic sense and special effects all combined into one. The ‘Original Drawing Show’ stimulates your indefinite imagination with magical live-drawings, combined with many special effects that supplement this surreal fantasy. 

Hangang Ferry Cruise
 Hangang River Ferry Cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery around Hangang River that flows through Seoul. Cool wind from the river, the surrounding scenery, which get more beautiful in the evenings, are the rewards the ferry cruise can offer you.

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